The Truché bag of tricks


We have a small float of reliable, clean, safe, well-insured and comfortable vans. Different sizes, different prices. We choose to work only with relatively new vans (max 5 years old) to keep our reliability standards as high as possible. Our own vans come with a navigation system and most of them have various charger points for your electronic devices.

Besides of our own vans we have partnership with good deals with various companies in Netherlands and Germany and have contact with more companies all over Europe. We can offer almost any kind of vehicle; splitter vans, cargo vans, cars, trucks, trailers, etc.

If shit hits the fan (or ‘van’ in this case) we’ll provide you with a new ride so you can finish your tour. You can always reach us when on tour if you have any questions. If you need more then just a van and you’re looking for a backline, tour manager, sound engineer or a driver we can help you out with that as well. Basically, we make it our goal to offer you a professional tour support service without you having to pay top dollar.


Looking for a driver or tour manager? Or sound engineer, guitar tech, stage hand, merch seller, name it, we find you one.

We maintain a large list of independent contractors. This list contains highly experienced tour managers to starting contractors looking for more experience. Most of them live in Netherlands, but we also have a wide network all over Europe. That means we can hook you up with whatever you need and whatever fits. Depending on their availability, demand, experience their prices vary. We usually just see what the band needs, and we try to offer the best fit.

Generally drivers charge somewhere between 80 and 100 euro a day. Most tour managers cost 100 and 150 euro depending on budget, routing, pre-production, etc. Let's discuss this.


No matter if you're looking for vintage or modern gear, lights, mixing panels, standing basses, power converters, rare synths or just another Fender Twin Reverb. We're basically able to grant all your backline wishes which is all highly maintained.

We don't have own backline, as we don't have the specific knowledge to maintain it. We are into vans and that's our speciality. So we work mainly with, but not limited to, two reliable partners for backline. They have experience and knowledge and keep the standard high. We are pleased to link you with our partners and let you discuss the details. If that doesn't work our, no worry, we have many more reliable contacts for backline all over Europe and can advice for the best solution. We'll make sure your desired backline will end up in your van.

Full service

As Truché! Tour Support is run by an experienced tour manager we know all sides of the game. If you need assistance to make the tour a giant success, we could be a perfect partner. Nope, we can't play the gig for you, that's your job, but we can make sure everything around that will go smooth and easy.

We are not limited to our vans. If one of our vans are not the best fit, don't worry, we find something else, something larger, something flying, or whatever.

But with full service we talk about much more than only transportation. We talk about pre-production, getting a crew together, working out paper work details with your agents, budgeting, making a tour book, booking accommodations, tour management, whatever is needed. You just tell is where the show is, and we make sure you, your band, your crew and your gear will make it comfortably on time in top condition for the show.


Don't hesitate to ask if you want your European admirers to walk around in your movements uniform. We have contacts with all kinds of merchandise companies and are happy to hook you up with some fancy fair trade apparel or a nice budget alternative for the ones with a limited budget.