The Truché bag of tricks


Our vans vary from fancy to not so fancy, yet they are reliable, clean, safe, well-insured and even come with a navigation system (talk about comfortable). If shit hits the fan (or ‘van’ in this case) we’ll provide you with a new ride so you can finish your tour. You can always reach us when on tour if you have any questions. If you need more then just a van and you’re looking for a backline, sound engineer or a driver we can help you out with that as well. Basically, we make it our goal to offer you a professional tour support service without you having to pay top dollar.


Looking for a driver or tour manager? We maintain a large list of experienced  independent contractors who work directly for our clients. That means we can hook you up, but aren't able to offer fixed fees. Depending on their availability, demand, experience their prices might slightly vary.

Generally drivers charge somewhere between 80 and 100 euro a day. Most tour managers cost 100 and 125 euro depending on budget, routing, preproduction.


No matter if you're looking for vintage or modern gear. We're basically able to grant all your back line wishes which is all highly maintained. All of that is very well priced.

Just sent us a list of your desired gear and we'll make sure it will end up in your van.


Don't hesitate to ask if you want your European admirers to walk around in your movements uniform. We work closely with all kinds of merchandise companies. We can hook you up with some fancy fair trade apparel or a nice budget alternative for the ones with a limited budget.