Who are we

Truché! Tour Support

Truché! Tour Support has a very simple goal: make touring comfortable and affordable for established and upcoming bands. Truché is music driven! It started by love for music, is continued by love for music, and will die out of love for music (hopefully in the far far future when bands tour in UFO’s). We care about the bands using our services. We understand life on the road and know Europe as our living room, so we can give the best advice. Truché is run by a tour manager who has been working as promoter, stage manager and festival organizer, Maarten Lammers.
We think along with the bands so see which vans and what services fit best. We have contacts with a good selection of backline rentals, merch production companies, tour managers, drivers, technicians, other van rental companies, etc, to help you to a successful tour. We don’t have the goal to grow large, we want to keep it personal, because we care.


In the year 2011 two heroes called Nicolai Adolfs and Boudewijn Rosenmuller were running a label called Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck. Unfortunately dead now, they released some awesome records. Because of that they needed to get the bands on the label on the road, as well as their own bands. They had a hard time finding decent, safe and affordable vans. After some more looking the label boys came to a conclusion: we're going to do this ourselves. Not much later the experienced sound engineer / driver / overall handyman and hero Maarten Houwer joined the team and things were moving into the next gear and Truché! Tour Support was a fact.

Few years and tons of tours later the three heroes started to get busy with all kind of other good stuff, while Truché was only growing, so needed more time. This is where Maarten Lammers popped up in the Truché story. In early 2015 he was feeling bad at his job he had that time. He wanted change. So he decided to quit his job and jumped 100% into the tour support pool. He did some touring here and there the 5 years before that, but had only limited network and experience. While sending all his touring contacts messages, the three heroes invited him for a talk. That’s how it started. Maarten took over the daily planning of the vans, logistics and communication with the bands and got involved more and more over the time. In the meanwhile he became an experienced tour manager by being half the year on the road with all kind of bands. Until summer 2016 when the three heroes asked him if he wanted to take over Truché! Tour Support. Hell yeah he wanted! So he did. Nicolai, Boudewijn and Maarten carried on with the other good stuff in their lives and will be forever remembered at the Truché HQ.