If your band is registered as a business, anybody in the band (with a driving licence) can drive. If you band is not a business, only the person who picked up the van is allowed to drive.

Short answer: Yes, you have to. When renting our vans, we have to charge all customers 21% VAT.All of them, you ask?
Well, no, there’s ONE exception:
If you rent one of our vans for OVER 30 days and you are a REGISTERED business outside of the Netherlands, you are the lucky exception. Congratulations.
For backline and merch other rules apply: all non-Dutch businesses are exempted from VAT.

You can just transfer the amount stated on the invoice after you finish the tour. If you prefer to pay in cash when returning the van, you’re more than welcome.
In case of non-European bands we insist on receiving full payment in cash directly after the tour. It’s not that we don’t trust you guys, it’s just that… well, we’ve got some stories to tell….

Sure thing. Just transfer the money to: info@truche.nl
Please note that the transfer fee is at your expense.

Yes, they are. All passengers are insured and damage caused to a third party is covered. As you know, the insurance business is a trickery one, so please carefully read our terms and conditions section for details, or ask us your questions.
Also note, that there’s a deductive involved (see below). You can’t go around wrecking vans just for the fun of it (bummer, we know).
If you case damages Third party property damage is covered by our insurance. Make sure to contact us asap, make as much pictures as possible and bring home the correct forms… no proof no glory!

Yes, there’s a maximum deductible of €1.000,- for ‘normal’ damages and €5000,- for damages higher than 1,90m, a lot of our vans are 2,50m high so don’t enter an indoor parking lot… Please read our terms and conditions to see which terms apply.

No, sorry, that’s not possible. We are very transparant if it comes to damages, and not every damage costs €1000,- off course.

Short answer: No, we hate extra costs. When we say €103,-  ex VAT a day, we mean €103,- ex VAT a day. However, keep in mind there is a limit to free km’s, which we clearly communicate.
So the the price includes: the van, liability insurance, roadside support all over Europe, free replacement vehicle in case of technical failure.
Are there no exceptions? Well, of course there are. When you ask for special services such as drop-offs or you plan to go to a country which our basic insurance package doesn’t cover we’ll have to sort something out. But we strive to communicate our prices as straight forward and non-confusing as possible.
Our prices don’t include: Fuel, Insurance outside of Europe (e.g. Russia), Free unlimited kilometers are limited to 400 km per rental day. We charge €0,21 per km if you exceed the limit.

Austria (A), Belgium (B), Bulgaria (BG), Cyprus (CY), Tsjech Republic (CZ), Germany (D), Denmark (DK), Spain (E), Estonia (EST), France (F), Finland (FIN), Great Britain (GB), Greece (GR), Hungary (H), Italy (I), Ireland (IRL), Iceland …make sure to check out our sharply priced hovercrafts (IS), Luxemburg (L), Lithuania (LT), Latvia (LV), Malta (M), Norway (N), Holland (NL), Portugal (P), Poland (PL), Romania (RO), Sweden (S), Slovakia (SK), Slovenia (SLO).
Planning to go anywhere else? Let us know and we’ll get you an extended insurance for an additional fee. If you neglect to do so you will be held 100% accountable for any caused damages.

Environmental zones are popping up all over Europe these days. We try to keep up to date with them, so please check your routing with us to avoid unforeseen costs. Please note that we can not be held responsible if you do get a fee for violating an environmental zone.

Sure thing! We do it all the time.
We can deliver the van everywhere you want in Europe. We don’t make a profit on these jobs, but we do have to charge you for the expenses. Which are:
– Our driver’s fee
– The van (in case it takes an extra day driving)
– The diesel/gas used
– Our driver’s travel expenses to get back home
Want to know how much this would be in your case? Get in touch.

Yeah, sure!
If you go on tour with our van for over 3 weeks, we happily pick you up free of charge. Is your trip shorter, we have to charge  €80,- ex VAT

Definitely. We have a large network and work closely with tour support companies all over Europe. We can hook you up with anything you can think off.

Yes we can. We don’t own backline ourselves but we have multiple partners with whom we love to work. Just let us know what you need and we’ll take care of it. We don’t charge any additional fees for our services, so don’t worry about paying more. We just like to help you out.

We maintain a large list of experienced independent contractors who work directly for our clients. That means we can hook you up, but aren’t able to offer fixed fees. Depending on their availability, demand, experience their prices might slightly vary.
Generally, drivers charge somewhere between €170,- and €225,- a day. Most tour managers cost €200,- and €250,- depending on budget, routing, preproduction.

Damn right you should!
If you don’t we’ll do it for you and charge you for the diesel plus an additional 21%.

We understand the music business and we know shitty things can happen. We won’t charge you for an initial late cancellation, but play with our hearts too many a times and we might give you the cold shoulder.

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